Live from production - effective together. For the Alb-Fils clinics next door. Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics is a brand of WALA. A pharmaceutical manufacturer whose medicinal plant garden and medical expertise also benefit the effectiveness of our care products. Under the motto "effective together“, it was therefore a matter of course that this week, instead of a large batch of hand cream, we produced 5,000 litres of desinfectant from bio-ethanol. For the Alb-Fils clinics in our Swabian homeland. We still have enough hand cream in stock. No worries.
Live from Eckwälden - take your time out. Especially during these days it is important to take breaks to care for body and mind. Our new gift sets offers 100% natural skin care and valuable home-spa-moments. The set ,Your time out' for example contains the Revitalising Mask and two portions of Eye Revive for free – the Revitalising Mask leaves your skin feeling pleasantly toned thanks to its calming and refreshing composition. The Cooling Eye Ampoule is the perfect way to soothe over-strained and tired eyes. The exclusive designed boxes also makes a great present for someone you love. Tip: For blemished skin, or skin prone to redness, supplement your day cream with Revitalising Mask. Mix a small amount in your palm then apply as a thin layer in the morning.
Live from all around the world - good for the skin, good for the world. The raw ingredients in our products are sourced from fair partnerships all over the world – and our own garden. Origin matters, and together we can achieve more. Let’s be #effectivetogether
Live from Spain - this is where our organic olive oil comes from. We have a solid and long-term working relationship with our partner Juan Antonio Caballero. Together we developed the cultivation of organic olives that will then be cold pressed into high quality oil which we use in our natural cosmetics. Maintaining a high biodiversity on the cultivated areas is very important to Juan. That's why there are sheep living right next to the trees. And that's how we are #effectivetogether
Live from @julia.dalia - "the best recipe for a more serene everyday life? Being mindful and at one with yourself." Morning routine, pick-me-up and skin care in the evening: Julia’s self care day is full of a healthy dose of self love. Read more about the day we spent with Julia in our magazine #effectivetogether. Link in bio.
Live from India - this is where the first certified organic castor oil worldwide comes from. Together with Nanalal Satra and his workers we initiated this environmentally friendly cultivation project back in 2005 to use the cold pressed oil in our natural cosmetics. Since then a lot has happened: since 2017 the project is 'Fair for Life' certified, which has a big impact on the whole region. Because of this they were able to build a school, so the girls can get an education. They also built a drinking water tank and ponds to improve the water supply in the dry region. And for this, we are willing to pay 10% more than usual. So we can be #effectivetogether
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