Live from our medicinal herb garden - it's all about rhythm. Our products are produced by using a rhythmic extraction procedure to give skin the care it needs during life's rhythms. After all, the quote "rhythm carries life" by Rudolf Steiner is what sparked the creation of Dr. Hauschka skincare in the first place. With every Sunday post, you can witness the rhythms of our garden, watching it change as the days, months and seasons go by. The changes might be subtle or spectacular ones, but whatever the weather, our garden is never standing still and is guided by its own rhythm. Have a happy Sunday.
Live from our estheticians - deep cleanse with new Dr. Hauschka two-step kit using natural ingredients only. This set contains our Clarifying Steam Bath, which opens the pores and helps to clear blemishes – the ideal preparation for the second product: the Clarifying Clay Mask. This set also contains: KAHLA porcelain bowl and mask brush for your deep cleansing ritual.
Live from our archives - Rudolf Hauschka was one of the authors who contributed to the "Handbuch der Kosmetischen Chemie" (handbook on cosmetic chemistry), published in Leipzig in 1920. His contribution was on the subject of mineral drugs and metals. He wrote this during his time at the Pharmazeutische Industrie A.G. in Klosterneuburg near Vienna. There were also some patents registered by the company from this time that bear Hauschka’s name.
Live from manufacturing - wonder why we picked the ice plant for the new Dr. Hauschka hand cream? To survive the long, dry periods of its native home of South Africa, the ice plant stores water in its juicy, fleshy leaves. In doing so, it draws in moisture from its surrounding environment and binds it with a natural moisturising factor similar to that formed by healthy human skin. Dry skin has forgotten how to maintain the moisture barrier that protects it against the outside world. This is why we chose to use ice plant for Dr. Hauschka MED base care products - and our new Dr. Hauschka MED Ice Plant Hand Cream. Swipe left to see the process from harvesting to squeezing the juice to the finished product.
Live from our medicinal herb garden - last men standing. These almost withered coneflowers celebrate the last days of summer. It almost seems like they try to stretch their heads even further towards the sun to catch the last rays of sunshine before they fade into their winter sleep. And if that isn't enough, a lot of rain and fog are definitely ringing in the new season here in Eckwälden.
Live from the “Calendar of the Soul” – our version of a “Monday Quote”, written by Dr. Rudolf Steiner for this very week, one hundred years ago. He inspired the life and the work of Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, but also the ideas of Demeter organic farming and Waldorf education. Even today, here at Dr. Hauschka many of us are still inspired by his words. Have a wonderful week, going your own way with verse no. 23: 'Autumnal haze now dampens down The senses' animating zest. In radiant glory of the light Dull veils of mist are woven. My Self in wigth of space beholds The autumn's winter sleep. The summer has on me, Its very self bestowed.' #drhauschkalive
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